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The concept of mentorship can mean many things to many people. Mentorship can be a most significant part of your overall career success, both early on in your career and even late in your professional life. A strong and trusted mentor is someone who can provide you a solid baseline of career support, someone who will keep you grounded, and someone who will help you remain self-aware throughout your entire career journey and can benefit you with his knowledge & vast experience gained from his professional life!

That’s why at Career Disha, we identify & connect you with your Career Mentor, A GURU who can guide you through situations such as problems within your career path & can make you aware potential career-growth opportunities that are presented to you, they can help you improve upon your soft-skills (communication, networking, decision making), offer ideas, plan strategies and give advice.

At Career Disha we have a panel of Experts &Professionals from various fields to mentor your child!


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