Why Career Disha?

Everyone is a Genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it that is stupid………A.Einstein.
YES! @ Career Disha, we understand this inner potential in YOU!!
Because we believe that “Every Child Is Unique!” and has immense potential to succeed in their academic, personal & professional life! Therefore, each child has different success path.
This sustainable & progressive development of any student is a product of “Right direction and informed Career Decision, continuous process of interventions and interaction which involves “understanding them, sharing ideas, exploring minds, imbibe values and help each student understand their dreams and pathways! It’s a journey which requires continuous partnership, mentoring and guidance and helping them grow healthy physically & emotionally.

That is why Career Selection, Right Decision & timely Direction Matters!!?

Career is a Journey, not a Destination!

Career selections is not just a decision that we take, but an evolving process or a journey of every person to discover and understand his/her own strength, potential, passion, dreams & to connect them to measurable and rational goals and objectives, study various available choices and possible opportunities, and select the best suitable Career options that would help for progressive development. It is also important that the student should find happiness and satisfaction in the path he/she selects along with the other materialistic gains that are expected out of successful career.

Our Approach makes all the difference !

Career Chi Panchsutri

At the time of counselling we consider these 5 essential elements while
suggesting a career path to any student.

  • Academic Performance-Plays an important role to get through competition.
  • Aptitude and Abilities- Strength and passion are required for the success and struggles
  • Family Background- Determines or enhance the possibilities in any profession.
  • Financial Requirement- Determines the sustainability during process.
  • Future Opportunities and Employability- Gives an overall rational and balance view about the future growth and financial stability.

We offer

S.M.A.R.T Counselling
  • S: We offer Specific and subject related knowledge.
  • M: We suggest Measurable goals and objectivess
  • A:We design an Actionable career pathway.
  • R: We are always Rational and balance in opinion.
  • T: We discuss Time bound plan and be factual and true.


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